Our Artists

Adam Karolian

Adam credits his mother "a high school art teacher" with introducing him to art and leading him down a creative path. He took art lessons from childhood to high school, taking many family trips to various museums along the way. In his upbringing, he was exposed to a gamut of visual art and music, during which he developed a fascination with the likes of Van Gogh and Edward Hopper.
Adam's collegiate pursuits culminated with a degree in Communication Arts from the University of New Hampshire. He also took several courses at the New Hampshire Institute of Art to further satisfy his artistic passions. More recently, he has led guided Segway tours of Manchester and commissioned several art works. Adam's unique blend of communications and artistic experience makes him a great asset to Muse Paintbar.

Angela Dispirito

Angela is an artist from Fall River Massachusetts. She attended Bristol Community College for fine arts, and the University of Massachusetts for Sculpture where she won numerous awards and accreditations for her artwork, and was even featured on a two person show for her sculpture. She continued her research in art while studying abroad all over the world including the Azores, Italy, and England. Although she is classically trained in sculpture, painting has always been something she truly enjoys. Following college, she moved to New Hampshire and works in her home studio every day, where she works on her drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry and accessories for her Etsy shop! As for work, Angela feels so lucky to be an artist at Muse Paintbar. It is truly an awesome job for an artist to have and she absolutely loves going to work every single day! Besides working and making art, she loves sewing, enjoys going to rally racing events with her racecar shop owner boyfriend Tom, hula hooping, and playing makeup artist for photoshoots. She operates her own websiteand sells lots of prints of her artwork online which can be seen at www.angeladispirito.weebly.com.

Celia Gray

Since she was five years old Celia has been an avid hiker, nature fanatic and outdoor enthusiast with an adventurous spirit. Painting and drawing has always been a way for Celia to express herself and to express her love for the outdoors. Watercolor is her favorite type of painting, as it was the first type she learned and what ultimately helped her recognize her passion for art. Celia recently graduated from Manchester Community College with a focus in fine arts where she flourished when it came to painting and drawing. For the past five years Celia has been employed as a temporary tattoo airbrush artist for events throughout New England. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and counts her dogs among her best friends! Celia encourages every one of all ages to be creative, channel their inner artist and experience the fun of creating a masterpiece of their very own with Muse!

Kailey Greene

Kailey first got into drawing back in middle school when she watched an anime called Naruto. Fascinated by the animation style she taught herself how to mimic it, especially her favorite manga artists Miura, Ji-Hyung Song, Kubo, and Kishimoto. After a time people that she knew would ask her to tutor them in the anime style, which she found to be very fun and interactive.

Kailey's mother, seeing her daughter doing so well (in both tutoring and independently) decided to buy her a drawing tablet (her first one!) so that she could continue to better herself. Although she learned very quickly, Kailey soon realized that she could only learn so much on her own and really wanted to learn how to branch out and draw other styles. That was when she signed up for the New Hampshire Institute of Art where she now majors in Illustration and minors in Graphic Novel.

Because of her schooling, Kailey has become rather proficient in using acrylic, watercolor, and gauche as well as various dry medias (though being particularly fond of graphite, charcoal, and acrylic). She loves bold, bright colors and extreme shading; she still incorporates this into her anime style as well as some new styles she picked up along the way.

Heather Brown

A creative eye and a passion for art has lead Heather to become the artist she is. With an interest in abstract, she enjoys the works of Georgia O'Keefe and Jackson Pollack. Heather's love for painting developed at a young age as she watched her parents paint on various objects such as decorative ceramics, mugs, wood, & glass. You name it, they painted it!
Heather is a self-taught artist and loves exploring new ways to approach her paintings. With two young boys at home she always expresses how important it is to explore their creativeness. She enjoys sharing her love for art with them. With a positive attitude and a passion to work with people, Heather is a tremendous asset to the Muse team.

Jessica Love

Originally from Ashland, Massachusetts, Jess has always had an interest in art starting when she was little. Whether it was arts and crafts at summer camp, art class at school or creating things from her imagination at home, she loved using her imagination. Growing up, Jess spent a lot of time outdoors playing sports and even camping with her family. Her time outside is what inspires her to create art that captures her love for the outdoors. Jess' medium of choice is acrylic because she enjoys the way it easily moves across the canvas and it has a quick dry time. Her favorite
artist as a child was Pablo Picasso because of his use of abstract shapes and color to capture the viewer's eyes. Today, Jess enjoys creating art in her free time as well as helping friends and family
when they need any artistic help. Aside from art, Jess still enjoys watching and playing sports.

Her favorite sport is hockey and currently plays for a travel Ball Hockey team. She has traveled
all over the country for different ice hockey, ball hockey and softball tournaments growing up.

Alyssa Bean

Alyssa has been drawing and painting her entire life. As a girl her parents and friends always encouraged her creativity and her passion for the visual arts blossomed every year. This passion lead Alyssa to further her education at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus in Illustration. Alyssa is a huge fan of comics and graphic novels having read many manga and comics growing up. Stories and illustrations inspire her and someday she hopes to be a graphic novelist or children's book illustrator. Alyssa loves sharing her knowledge and love of the arts with everyone; she wants people to know art is not definable and mistakes are never a problem. Her high school art teacher would always say "artists are problem solvers" and it is a statement Alyssa likes to live by. Alyssa works freelance out of her studio at home and has an Etsy shop. She also works at an art studio in Nashua painting everyday. Other artists that inspire Alyssa are Salvador Dali, David Wiesner and Niki de Saint Phalle among many. Being a full time artist brings Alyssa nothing but joy.