Muse Rewards

Book your next session and start earning today!

Here’s how it works



Simply book a session – we’ll automatically enroll you and email your personal loyalty codes!


  1. Book your first session, earn $10.
  2. For every next session, earn $5.
  3. Refer a friend, you both earn $5.*


Once you’ve accumulated $20 in Muse credit, apply your personal loyalty code at checkout to unlock savings!

*Credit is only applied to your account after you (and in the case of a referral, your friend) have attended the session. Credit can only be used towards public sessions and cannot be combined with other discounts.


When can I start earning credit?

Starting February 13, 2017, anytime you book a session you will earn Muse Credit!

If I book multiple seats to a session, do I earn $5 per seat?

Muse Credit is rewarded on a per session basis, not per seat!

Do I earn credit after signing up for a private party?

Yes — the same way you’d earn credit after booking from our calendar! Keep in mind, however, you cannot apply  credit  while signing up for a private party.

Can I use a referral code with other discount codes?

Yes! Referral codes  are the only type of code that can be applied at checkout in addition to other discount codes (eg. Gift Certificate, Loyalty code, early booking discounts). Keep in mind, however – the $5 credit you (and your friend) earn from the referral is only added to your accounts after you have attended the  session!


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