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August Events

The full public calendar will go up around July 20th
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    Olivia’s 10th Birthday!

    12:00-2:15 PMOlivia’s 10th Birthday!

Parking & Directions

Take Exit 6 off I-287 for NY-22 toward White Plains. Muse is located on Mamaroneck Avenue, about two blocks south of Main Street. The most convenient spots are on Mamaroneck Avenue right in front of our studio (typically, more spaces are free south of our studio, away from Main St.). Please keep in mind that most of these require meter payments until after 6 PM ($1 / hr. and can use White Plains parking app). There are also often times spots available on nearby cross streets and several lots/garages nearby.

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Featured Artists

  • Whisper Blanchard - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Simone Kurtz - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Kathy Mathews - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Julie Alfonso - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Piya Wannachaiwong - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Laura Logan - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Jordan Mcpherson - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Isabella Roca - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar White Plains
  • Whisper Blanchard

    Whisper Blanchard is a small, flowering plant that flourishes best near ocean water. She is currently a Creative Writing major at Purchase College, however she was originally born-and-raised in Miami, FL where she attended Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) for fine art and Graphic Design. Whisper considers the act of making art to be both an act of creation, and an act of preservation: of an idea, a feeling, a state of being. She has a theory that everyone lives many little lives throughout one lifetime; that each time we grow, we say goodbye to a past self, and that making art can help us to both record this experience, and better understand it. Whisper believes thoroughly in art that involves multimedia, and has experience in drawing & painting, film & digital photography, graphic design, printmaking, and sculpture.
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  • Simone Kurtz

    Simone is excited to paint with you! She is a professional illustrator and designer, a New York native, and a graduate of Pratt Institute. She has a penchant for fairy tales, a shameless addiction to smartphone photography, and a playlist dedicated to cinematic soundtracks.
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  • Kathy Mathews

    Kathy is an Artist! She is excited to paint with you! Her musically influenced background gives her enjoyment in singing, dancing and creating art. She believes that a positive mindset is the best way to take on life "No matter where you are in life.... keep going"
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  • Julie Alfonso

    Julie "Jules" Alfonso has a B.F.A in Interior Design from The School of Visual Arts and an A.A.S in Visual Arts from SUNY Westchester Community College. Art has been a consistent love and passion for Julie ever since she picked up her first crayon and "improved" her living room walls with her art. In addition to working at Muse, she works as an interior designer at an architecture firm. She finds her true happiness through all types of art and expression including dance of all styles (salsa is her favorite!), stand-up comedy, live music, quoting obscure movie lines and making a fool of herself doing karaoke. She can't paint without music on because she loves to dance while she paints, so dance breaks are always encouraged during her sessions. "You can't take yourself too seriously in art, or in life for that matter, because it's not a science. That's what she loves most about art. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Let yourself come out in your art and you've made a masterpiece. Leave it all on the canvas, baby! Now let's drink and paint! Salud!"
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  • Piya Wannachaiwong

    Piya is a fantasy artist based out of Fairless Hills, PA. He specializes in dragons, dinosaurs, knights, the fun stuff. He sells his work at various Ren Faires and art shows. He also teaches drawing and painting at several art colleges. He lives with his lovely artist wife, Christina and their son, Elliott, a little firecracker in diapers.
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  • Laura Logan

    Laura Logan is an artist, actor, and writer, with an appreciation for all artistic endeavors. She discovered an affinity for art at a very young age, when she received her first set of finger paints. (Maybe that's why she still gets more paint on her hands than on the canvas, even though she now uses brushes.) With a strong desire for a creative outlet, Laura quickly found herself experimenting with different artistic mediums. Her penchant for the arts evolved and blossomed into true passion as she studied art at the College of New Rochelle, acting at HB Studios, and writing for sketch comedy at IN Studios. While she loves to create art from any subject, she is often inspired by nature, and is drawn to land, sea, and skyscapes. She specializes in Tiny Art, painting full scenes on miniature canvases, and transforming photographs into painted artwork. In addition to painting, she is active in the acting community, and is working on several projects, including a cookbook, several one act plays, and a series of children's books.
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  • Jordan Mcpherson

    Jordan Mcpherson is a warm spiritual being who loves challenging the concept of "norm". A large dream of hers is to venture around the world and leave a smiling impression on each person she meets. She absolutely loves music & finds it very hard to conceal her enthusiasm but she's especially keen on jazz. She views the world through the path of creativity and believes that everyone is an artist, whether they exercise the power or not, it exist within all. Join her on the journey to unleash your hidden talents!
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  • Isabella Roca

    Isabella ""Bella"" is a teacher, musician and artist at heart. She is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and spends her days painting and playing her trumpet. She majored in Fine Arts and creates ""furever"" pet portraits for people as well as doing a lot of commission work, for plays and theatre! Isabella believes that being a musician and an artist go hand in hand, incorporating feelings and lyrical beauty into every masterpiece. She also adores kids and watching people grow by exchanging her talents with others. Isabella teaches marching band at her local high school and gives private trumpet lessons to people of all ages. Isabella actively creates art in all mediums, as well as shares an eye for photography. She believes there is no greater talent than being able to share your passions with others and that art is but a piece of your imagination.
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