Friday, Aug. 23 | 3:00-5:30 PM Fri, Aug. 23 | 3:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 08/23 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Flying Free

($29) Summer Break Kids/Family
Friday, Aug. 23 | 7:30-10:00 PM Fri, Aug. 23 | 7:30 PM
Wooden Sign Painting on 08/23 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Monogram Sign

($45) Monogram Sign Wooden Sign
Monday, Aug. 26 | 6:30-9:30 PM Mon, Aug. 26 | 6:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 08/26 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Paint Your Pet!

($45) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
Tuesday, Aug. 27 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Aug. 27 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 08/27 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Prismatic Heavens

($35) BOGO Drinks! Classic Canvas
Friday, Aug. 30 | 3:00-5:30 PM Fri, Aug. 30 | 3:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 08/30 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Hakuna Matata

($29) Summer Break Kids/Family
Saturday, Aug. 31 | 12:00-2:15 PM Sat, Aug. 31 | 12:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 08/31 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Owl See Ya in the Morning

($29) Family Day Kids/Family
Saturday, Aug. 31 | 7:30-10:00 PM Sat, Aug. 31 | 7:30 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 08/31 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

Mountainside Blossoms

($45) Classic Canvas
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September Events

The full public calendar will go up around August 20th
  • PrivateSpecial Paint & Sip Event on 09/01 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

    CHVH Paint Your Pet Party!

    6:30-9:30 PMCHVH Paint Your Pet Party!
  • PrivateCanvas Painting Class on 09/12 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

    FooFoo Chalifoux

    7:30-10:00 PMFooFoo Chalifoux
  • Private

    Samantha’s 10th Birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMSamantha’s 10th Birthday
  • Private

    Amber's 21st Birthday

    7:30-10:00 PMAmber's 21st Birthday
  • PrivateFUNDRAISERCanvas Painting Class on 09/19 at Muse Paintbar West Hartford

    Paint for a Cause: Smith STEM PTO

    7:00-9:30 PMPaint for a Cause: Smith STEM PTOFUNDRAISER
  • Private

    Emerson's 8th Birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMEmerson's 8th Birthday

Parking & Directions

Take Exit 43 from I-84; Muse - West Hartford is located in Blue Back Square between Cheesecake Factory and Whole Foods. We are in the same parking lot as REI, GNC, and Verizon (metered pay until 10 PM). There is plenty of parking in the garages on both sides of the center. The more convenient garage is half a block north on New Street.

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Our Artists

  • Robyn Levine - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Katie Brinkman - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Lucy Walker - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Heather Hannan - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Caitlin Daly - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Ashley Rek - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Ria Perge - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Katie Adams - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Carl Pastor - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Mina Echevarria - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Christina Corey - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Jacqueline Madrazo - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Lisa Bell - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar West Hartford
  • Robyn Levine

    Throughout Robyn's life, art and dance were the only two outlets that could hone her explosive creative energy. She knew from a young age that art was her calling. Knowing that, she attended the University of Connecticut where she studied art and Illustration. There she had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester where she developed her figure drawing skills and displayed her work at a local gallery. The overall experience there left a large impression on Robyn. Art was no longer a personal activity because she realized sharing creative ideas and culture enriches the lives of everyone in a community. After she graduated, she illustrated several children's ESL books, and became a teaching artist. She now works with local communities running art and dance workshops across New England advocating creative self expression. Her mission is to cultivate and grow a love for art in others to enrich their lives the way art has for her. At Muse Paintbar, Robyn invites you all to salute your inner artist and discover how art is truly meant to be shared with one another! Website:
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  • Katie Brinkman

    Katie Brinkman has been creating art since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush. As a child, she quickly discovered she loved making people happy with her gifts and creations. It wasn't until college, however, that she began to do artwork for herself instead of others. Once she realized that art is not about perfection but freedom, and that there is beauty in imperfection, that her art took on new depth. Katie's passion is to help others find joy in painting and to help them discover that art has no rules, limits or boundaries. "I love to see people learning to relax and enjoy the artistic process without stressing out about the imperfections."
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  • Lucy Walker

    Lucy is delighted to join the team at West Hartford Muse after several years working at Muse in Portland, Maine. She studied Visual Art and English at Bowdoin College in Maine. She loves painting portraits, writing poetry, traveling, being outside, and dancing wildly!
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  • Heather Hannan

    Heather is a graphic designer by trade, getting a BFA in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art and Design. By day, she is an Art Director in the corporate world. By Nights and Weekends an Assistant at Muse who loves interacting with the customers and helping people find their creative within! When Heather is not working, she enjoys treasure hunting at yard sales and antique shops for furniture to upcycle, typography, watercolor, acrylic painting, crafting, home cooking, and is constantly trying out new creative outlets!
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  • Caitlin Daly

    Though a high school English teacher, Caitlin spends much of her free time submerged in her own creative projects. She began painting under the instruction of an artist in Plymouth, CT during her freshman year of high school, and received scholarships and awards for her paintings and illustrations between high school and college. Inspired by family and friends, Caitlin's paintings and photography primarily focus on capturing people in the midst of their daily routine. Caitlin is eager to spread an enthusiasm for painting and to assist others as they explore their creative genius at Muse.
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  • Ashley Rek

    Ashley has always appreciated and loved art since she could remember. Coloring books and crayons were her forte until she got older and started to truly appreciate the art of creating. At the age of twelve she started to take art lessons with a local artist of Oxford, Connecticut, and continued these lessons all throughout high school and even during her months off from college. She attended Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island, graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Studio Art and a minor in Spanish. Though starting off using only pastels, during her years in college she was introduced to the world of oil painting and there was no turning back. While at school, Ashley found that she was inspired most by animals and the natural world, creating a senior thesis based solely on these muses. After graduating she began to experiment with acrylics and learned how to have fun with color as much as possible, considering blues, reds, yellows, and burnt sienna were the only colors allowed throughout her four years of college. Ashley has a true love for painting, nature, pop culture, and movies, especially animated ones. (She even spent a few months down in Orlando working for Mickey Mouse himself.) Through Muse Paintbar she hopes to bring the joy and relaxation she feels while she paints to those who come ready to create and have fun!
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  • Ria Perge

    Ria has always loved to paint and throughout her college years she has grown to be very passionate about the field of illustration. She graduated Central Connecticut State University in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Illustration and a Minor in Marketing. She is now working towards getting her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the University of Hartford. She is the Social Media Assistant for the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance and also works at Muse Paint Bar. On the side she also does illustrations for magazine and newspaper articles, and has accomplished painting two murals in the New Britain area. Ria truly enjoys creating a happy and fun environment wherever she goes.
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  • Katie Adams

    After being a stay-at-home mom for almost two years, Katie she found a job that incorporates all of her passions at Muse. Katie has a Bachelor of Arts degree from CCSU in addition to many years in customer service and teaching. She has experience with many different kinds of arts and crafts but specializes in acrylics, watercolors and mosaics. Katie shares her love of art with her daughter and she can't wait to share it with you.
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  • Carl Pastor

    As a current art teacher, Carl knows and understands how to engage and motivate people to believe in themselves in order to find success in their artwork. As a graduate of Pratt Institute, Carl gained valuable design skills that influenced a unique perspective in his own approach to creating art. As an artist for Muse Paintbar, Carl hopes to bring out the smiles of accomplishment with your painting and make you a believer of your hidden artistic talent.
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  • Mina Echevarria

    Mina Echevarria is a graduate Hartford Art School, with a BFA in Illustration. She has dabbled in just about every fine art, though she specializes in watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic ink. No matter her medium, Mina aims to create vibrant, meaningful and useful work for her variety of clients. She utilizes her strengths in portraiture, hand lettering, and botanical illustration to establish a wholehearted connection between a brand and its consumers both locally and globally. While Mina has found delight in painting a variety of content, she has really enjoyed illustrating children's books, making animated illustrations, and creating chalk installations. You can even check out her chalk artwork at the nearby Rizzuto's Restaurant and Bar, located right around the corner from the West Hartford Muse Paintbar location. Although Mina takes her craft quite seriously, she also sees the value in painting to unwind. If you're itching to unwind and have fun Mina is definitely ready to assist you! In the meantime, you can check out Mina's recent work on her website:
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  • Christina Corey

    Christy is an artist and illustrator from West Hartford and a graduate of the University of Connecticut where she studied Studio Art and concentrated in illustration. During her time spent at UConn, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy, held her first solo exhibition, worked at an art museum and pulled all-nighters in the studios with friends. All the while, she was delighted to connect with people through art. She is eager to continue to build her community with the staff and visitors of Muse. She can be found with her sketchbook and watercolor kit capturing moments in nature, recording new recipes through illustrations, or responding to a new song using line and color. Among the pages of her sketchbook lies drawings of her friends, family and dogs, explosions of colors and cherished scraps of paper and photographs. Knowing what art has meant to her over the years, she hopes to connect others to the possibilities that creating art provides. Find Christy's recent projects at her website:
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  • Jacqueline Madrazo

    Jackie is a fine artist from central CT who recently graduated from Central Connecticut State University where she pursued painting, and won first place in her capstone show for her series on powerful women as Greek goddesses. She enjoys painting portraits and exploring darker themes and subject matters, drawing inspiration from many things such as mythology, nature, and horror movies. Color and emotion play a big role in her work. She is so excited to be a part of the Muse team and she wants to make painting a positive experience for everyone, so that they can enjoy it as much as she does! To check out some of Jackie's work, you can visit her online portfolio:
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  • Lisa Bell

    Lisa Bell is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, with a BFA in Painting and a History of Art minor focusing on Early Christian and Medieval Art. Her works fuses these two fields of study, combining lush, visceral fields of color with illuminated manuscripts and texts taken from liturgy, music, and Scripture. She has exhibited throughout her native CT; New York City; and, most recently, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.
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