Thursday, Jul. 9 | 7:00-9:00 PM Thu, Jul. 9 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 07/09 at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson

Cherry Blossom Grove

($30) Classic Canvas
Friday, Jul. 24 | 6:30-9:30 PM Fri, Jul. 24 | 6:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 07/24 at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson

Paint Your Pet

($50) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
Friday, Jul. 31 | 7:00-9:00 PM Fri, Jul. 31 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 07/31 at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson

Acadian Illumination

($35) Classic Canvas
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August Events

The full public calendar will go up around July 20th

Parking & Directions

Take route 25A toward Port Jeff. Muse is located on Main Street in Harbor Square Mall, right by the Port Jeff Ferry and directly across from Starbucks. The closest parking lot is behind the Harbor Square Mall. Parking is $0.25 per half hour and free for village residents who display a current sticker. There is also a parking lot if you turn onto Adren place (Starbucks on the corner), along with metered parking on Main Street and several side streets, but it can by hard to come by.

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Our Artists

  • Priscilla Samartano - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Alicia Cassidy - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Heather Nendza - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Ashley Pagartanis - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Kaylee Belden - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Joseph Wagner - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Elana Howe - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Claire Surkis - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Port Jefferson
  • Priscilla Samartano

    Priscilla has been creating art since her early childhood and hasn't stopped since. In 2012, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from VCU in Richmond, VA where her major was Art Education and got to experience a new world of art through teaching. She enjoys expression through a variety of mediums, but especially painting! Priscilla has worked on several projects including a self published comic book, local craft show vending, and personal commissions. She also enjoys singing and playing guitar at open mic nights when not working on her art.
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  • Alicia Cassidy

    Alicia believes that creating art is an amazing way to express emotion and that art can open new doors, creatively and spiritually, for any individual. Alicia has always had a desire for the arts dating back to her grade-school days. She started her own business in 2013, selling hand-painted shoes and wine glasses amongst other things while working a full-time job. After a while, Alicia made the decision to make her passion for art into her career and has been pursuing that since 2015. In her spare time, she enjoys caring for her dog, playing video games, crafting, creating delicious cocktails and wine tastings. Alicia currently is attending Suffolk Community College majoring in Visual Arts. Once she obtains her associates degree, she will be transferring to a school to major in Illustration/Graphic Design.
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  • Heather Nendza

    Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from FIT, and has enjoyed artistic endeavors throughout her childhood. Whether it's crafting with her mom, her professional career in Visual Merchandising, or creating magical adventures with her children, Heather always takes on the world in vivid color! She enjoys spending her free time beating everyone at Uno, drinking champagne and finding the best tacos on Long Island!
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  • Ashley Pagartanis

    Ashley has always had a passion for art and the freedom it gives people to express themselves. She loves the idea that there is no wrong way to create or interpret art. She earned her first degree black belt in karate at the age of 15. That's when her journey teaching began. She finds it rewarding to teach people new things in a fun and judgment free way. She mainly works with acrylic, but growing up was very involved with photography, sculpture, and wood working. Now she loves traveling, her dog, and reading a good book.
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  • Kaylee Belden

    Kaylee has been creating art since childhood and loves to work in a variety of mediums. She has dabbled in everything from fashion design to video making, plaster casting to wood carving, and sculpture to jewelry making! However, she has always had a special place in her heart for drawing and painting. She is inspired by nature, and often depicts her favorite subject: birds! When she is not creating, you can find her outside- watching birds, feeding birds, and on occasion, doing non bird-related activities.
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  • Joseph Wagner

    Joe Wagner is a local Illustrator and Animator here from Long Island. He graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Animations and an Associates degree in Illustration in May 2019. Joe loves to draw cartoon like animations and illustrations. He was always interested in cartoons and how animators made them move. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Joe would be scribbling somewhere he should've been. When Joe isn't drawing and creating art, he adventures in nature. Driving to other states and Upstate New York, camping and hiking with his friends. Adventuring and creating art everywhere he goes.
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  • Elana Howe

    Elana Howe grew up in Rochester, NY and is now a senior at Stony Brook University where she is studying psychology and cinema studies. Art has been a lifelong passion for her and growing up, she took as many art classes in school as she could. In her spare time she loves to watch movies, play ultimate frisbee, and draw. Elana is excited to work at Muse because it allows her to be creative and share her love of art with others.
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  • Claire Surkis

    Claire is currently attending Stony Brook University and is minoring in art. Although, she loves doing all sorts of art, Claire particularly loves to work with pastels, acrylic and charcoal. When she is not at Muse you may find her rock climbing, doing yoga or playing Ultimate frisbee! Some of her favorite things include sloths, listening to the Lumineers and meeting new dogs.
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