Sunday, Mar. 24 | 1:00-3:30 PM Sun, Mar. 24 | 1:00 PM
LED Canvas Painting on 03/24 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Glowing Swing

($40) Now $33! LED Lights
Sunday, Mar. 24 | 5:00-7:30 PM Sun, Mar. 24 | 5:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 03/24 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Sunset on the Pier

($35) Classic Canvas
Monday, Mar. 25 | 7:00-9:15 PM Mon, Mar. 25 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 03/25 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Blazing Cosmos

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Tuesday, Mar. 26 | 6:30-9:30 PM Tue, Mar. 26 | 6:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 03/26 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Paint Your Pet!

($39) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
Wednesday, Mar. 27 | 7:00-9:15 PM Wed, Mar. 27 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 03/27 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Firefly Pond

($29) Now $25! Classic Canvas
Friday, Mar. 29 | 7:30-10:00 PM Fri, Mar. 29 | 7:30 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 03/29 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Starry Harbor

($33) Starry Local Classic Canvas
Saturday, Mar. 30 | 12:00-2:15 PM Sat, Mar. 30 | 12:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 03/30 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Whimsical Flowers

($25) Family Day Kids/Family
Saturday, Mar. 30 | 3:45-6:00 PM Sat, Mar. 30 | 3:45 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 03/30 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Shimmering Sunset

($35) Now $29! Classic Canvas
Tuesday, Apr. 2 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Apr. 2 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 04/02 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Cool and Calm

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Wednesday, Apr. 3 | 7:00-9:15 PM Wed, Apr. 3 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 04/03 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Budding Blossoms

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Thursday, Apr. 4 | 7:00-9:30 PM Thu, Apr. 4 | 7:00 PM
LED Canvas Painting on 04/04 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Personalized Zodiac Sign

($40) LED Lights
Saturday, Apr. 6 | 12:00-2:15 PM Sat, Apr. 6 | 12:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 04/27 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Rainy Day Walk

($25) Kids / Lumify Kids/Family
Sunday, Apr. 7 | 1:00-3:30 PM Sun, Apr. 7 | 1:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 04/07 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Lakeside Blossoms

($35) Classic Canvas
Sunday, Apr. 7 | 5:30-8:30 PM Sun, Apr. 7 | 5:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 04/07 at Muse Paintbar Norwalk

Paint Your Pet!

($45) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
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May Events

The full public calendar will go up around April 15th

Parking & Directions

Take Exit 14 off I-95 toward South Norwalk and continue on Reed Street to North Main Street. Muse Norwalk is located almost across the street from the Bow Tie Cinemas. We have a parking lot behind our studio (take Marshall St. around to the back) and metered parking on the street. If you‘re in a bind, the Maritime garage is at 10 N. Water St (one block east of Muse).

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Our Artists

  • Molly McAuley - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Melissa Kornfeld - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Alice O'Meara - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Megan Garbe - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Bailey Cardinal - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Morgan Ofsharick - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Miranda Squillace - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Hanna DeMarco - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Emily Mansi - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Dylan Blount - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Norwalk
  • Molly McAuley

    Molly is an artist and art lover who enjoys making, teaching, looking at and thinking about art every day! She has a (perpetually paint-covered) hand in many different creative projects - illustrating signage for local shops and restaurants, designing scenery for the stage, drawing caricatures and portraits, and developing her own work as an exhibiting artist in drawing, painting, collage and mixed media. She is especially interested in surreal landscapes inspired by dreams. Molly earned her BFA in painting from the University of Notre Dame and has since displayed her artwork in CT, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. She is so happy to share the creative experience in a class/party setting here at Muse, helping people connect with their inner artist and bring each painting to life in their own unique way. Molly finds painting to be a great way of relaxing, learning, and celebrating the endless variety of color and beauty we see all around us.
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  • Melissa Kornfeld

    At an early age Melissa was often found with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. Her love for painting really flourished once she attended The Acorn Gallery School of Art in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She proceeded to take classes there for ten years, and with the guidance of her Acorn teachers, became a passionate oil painter. As a lover of travel, seeing different countries spurred Melissa's artistic practice and expression. Studying in France and Italy gave her the great privilege to view works by great masters, heavily influencing her portfolio. Melissa received her BFA in Painting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Exciting others about all aspects of art is Melissa's ultimate goal. It is extremely rewarding when a student amazes themselves with their artwork. Doing so in a lighthearted and social atmosphere could not be more fun! To view Melissa's work check out:
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  • Alice O'Meara

    Alice has had a ton of different careers, but has always wanted to do something with art. She has been an accountant, an assistant buyer for women's clothing, and a lawyer. As the owner of a children's bookstore and a former middle school teacher, she fostered her love of teaching and working with children. Throughout these career changes, she has pursued her interest in art by taking classes at The School of Visual Arts, The Fashion Institute of Technology and The New York Studio School. She has also painted murals and decorative furniture for friends. Alice lives in Fairfield with her husband, two daughters and their Bernese Mountain dog, Maggie. She is so excited to be tying together her passion for art and enjoyment of teaching by working at Muse!!
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  • Megan Garbe

    Megan Garbe is an artist from Fairfield, Connecticut. In 2010 she graduated from Salve Regina University with a BA in Studio Art and a concentration in painting. She works primarily with oil paint on canvas. Her subject matter typically portrays spirit animals sometimes in fantastical and surreal settings. Garbe has exhibited throughout Connecticut including, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Picture This/Nylen Gallery. Garbe is a member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County as well as Ridgefield Guild of Artists. She recently received Best in Show for her painting in the 39th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. Garbe currently lives and works in Norwalk, CT. Her work can be seen on her website:
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  • Bailey Cardinal

    From an early age Bailey was always entranced by the art world, whether it was going to visit the museum, or working in her numerous sketchbooks, sprawled across her bedroom floor. While attending Fairfield University Bailey truly embraced her creative side and majored in both Studio Art and Art History. Over the course of four years, her concentration became painting. She explored multiple materials and especially after studying abroad in Florence, Italy she became an avid fan of watercolor and mixed media. Since earning her Masters from Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York, for American Fine & Decorative Art in 2014, Bailey has worked several different sects of the art world including Auction, and currently working for a company that manages several large art fairs. Her passion is still painting, which she does whenever she has a chance. At Muse, being able to interact with other artists, while helping others develop a love and appreciation for painting gives Bailey the amazing opportunity to express her creativity frequently in an ideal environment while allowing others to do the same. For Bailey it is the process, as much as the final result that is important to a painting. A painting can tell an amazing story if we look close enough, about the artist as well as the subject. To view Bailey's work, check out:
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  • Morgan Ofsharick

    Morgan Ofsharick is a recent graduate of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, where she earned her BFA in illustration. With her mother working as an elementary librarian, she was immersed in children's illustration from an early age, which fed her desire to take her career path in such a direction. She works primarily in vibrant watercolors with ink lining, while her subject matter focuses around animals and insects, as well as food. Morgan recently completed her first self-published children's book Sticky Treats with Sticky Feets and is using her studio time to continue on with a sequel to accompany it. She has always found enjoyment in sharing various art techniques and giving helpful tips using the knowledge she earned from her fine arts degree, which she hopes may also be of interest to guests at Muse. To follow Morgan's progress, check in to her website at
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  • Miranda Squillace

    Miranda is a recent college graduate with a degree in Ecology. She painted throughout college, focusing on expressive portraiture and the relationship between colors and emotions. Along with being an artist, Miranda is an aspiring entomologist and a sneaker head.
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  • Hanna DeMarco

    Hanna Rose is an artist living in Norwalk, CT. She has her BFA in painting, from Stockton University, and attends The New York Academy of Art to receive her MFA. She is an oil painter whose work focuses on the female experience, space, and presence in connection with the feminine qualities of nature. Since the age of five she has worked alongside many accomplished artists, including her mother. For many years, Hanna Rose helped teach students from age four and up in her mother's studio, Paint Studio and Gallery. This fueled her desire to be a full time painter and receive her degree. Now Hanna Rose's work can be seen at Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. To see completed work, and upcoming shows go to:
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  • Emily Mansi

    My name is Emily and I love to make art! I have been doing so for as long as I can remember. I specialize in watercolor paintings but I love to work with all mediums! I graduated from an art magnet high school in 2012 and have been working towards a visual arts degree for the past 5 years. When I am not painting I love to be outside in nature, hang out with my cat, and listen to music. Sometimes all at the same time. :)
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  • Dylan Blount

    Dylan has had a passion for all things creative since she was a young child. She is always looking for new ways to express herself creatively, whether that be through painting, drawing, sculpting, jewelry making, or composing music. She attended the University of Bridgeport where she studied Graphic Design and refined her artistic abilities, and now she creates as a freelance artist. Although she has her hands in many different forms of artwork, her favorite is painting portraits with either watercolor or acrylic paints.
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