Tuesday, Oct. 15 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Oct. 15 | 7:00 PM
Paint for a Cause on 10/15 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Breast Cancer Fundraiser

($45) Fundraiser
Tuesday, Oct. 15 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Oct. 15 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 10/15 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Stellar Night

($35) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Saturday, Oct. 19 | 12:00-2:15 PM Sat, Oct. 19 | 12:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 10/19 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Pumpkin Patch Pooch

($29) Family Day Kids/Family
Sunday, Oct. 20 | 1:00-3:30 PM Sun, Oct. 20 | 1:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 10/20 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Rocky Rainbow River

($35) Classic Canvas
Monday, Oct. 21 | 7:00-9:15 PM Mon, Oct. 21 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 10/21 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Super Moon

($35) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Tuesday, Oct. 22 | 6:30-9:30 PM Tue, Oct. 22 | 6:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 10/22 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Paint Your Pet!

($45) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
Saturday, Oct. 26 | 3:45-6:00 PM Sat, Oct. 26 | 3:45 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 10/26 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

Misty Autumn Morning

($39) Classic Canvas
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November Events

The full public calendar will go up around October 20th
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/02 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Andi’s 8th Birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMAndi’s 8th Birthday
  • Private

    Alison's Birthday

    3:45-6:00 PMAlison's Birthday
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/03 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Tiffany's 12th birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMTiffany's 12th birthday
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/03 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Aditi’s Birthday party

    12:00-2:15 PMAditi’s Birthday party
  • Private

    Meggy Giron

    7:30-10:00 PMMeggy Giron
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/09 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Ofelia's 12th Birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMOfelia's 12th Birthday
  • Private

    Lucas's 13th birthday

    12:00-2:15 PMLucas's 13th birthday
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/10 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Bri’s Painting BDay Party

    12:00-2:15 PMBri’s Painting BDay Party
  • Private

    SMCM Counselor Event

    12:00-2:15 PMSMCM Counselor Event
  • PrivatePaint for a Cause on 11/16 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Paint For A Cause!

    12:00-2:15 PMPaint For A Cause!
  • PrivateWooden SignsPaint for a Cause on 09/28 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Paint For A Cause!

    12:00-2:15 PMChildren's Miracle Network HospitalsWooden Signs
  • Private

    SLJ Celebration

    12:00-3:15 PMSLJ Celebration
  • PrivateKids Painting Class on 11/23 at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg

    Sarai's 8th Birthday Party

    12:00-2:15 PMSarai's 8th Birthday Party

Parking & Directions

Take exit 9 from I-270. Muse Gaithersburg is located in the Rio Washingtonian Center between Starbucks and the AMC Loews Theater. The center has several garages and the most convenient is right by AMC. There‘s also street parking right in front of Muse, but please check the time limits! All parking at Rio Washingtonian is free.

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Featured Artists

  • Vanessa Aguilar - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Michelle Palombi - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Nicole Zelof - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Kristin Miller - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Esther Wei - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Elijah DeJesus - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Joseph De Joya - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Felicia Ralph - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Clare Bain - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg
  • Vanessa Aguilar

    Vanessa Aguilar was born and raised in Maryland - and proud of it! She enjoys painting, singing, writing, and dancing...essentially all forms of art! Her favorite outlets are anything art related, as it allows her to de-stress, and create something personal at the same time. She loves to read novels and photograph nature in her spare time. She is an animal lover (she has a dog at home) and is also a vegan. She loves, loves, loves to cook for friends and family as a side hobby. Seeing people gathered around satisfied is a wonderful feeling when you can contribute to it!
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  • Michelle Palombi

    Originally from New Jersey and an Interior Design graduate of High Point University, Michelle recently relocated to Maryland. She is a cheerful artist who gets her kicks being active outdoors and searching for puppies up for adoption. Her love of the finer things in life - the arts, wine and helping others - make her feel right at home here at Muse!
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  • Nicole Zelof

    Nicole is an open, genuine, and easily excitable individual with a searing passion for art, theatre, cosplay, horrendously ill-timed dark humor, and sweets. Some of her favorite pastimes are watching sunsets/anime, attending concerts, and having fake interviews in the shower. Please feel free to talk to her about anything! She loves meeting new people.
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  • Kristin Miller

    Kristin Miller is Maryland born and raised. She went to Towson University for her B.S. in both Art Education and Art and Design, with a minor in Theater. Along with her deep-routed love for the arts, in her free time she enjoys painting, cosplay, and playing with her friend's cats.
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  • Esther Wei

    Esther is originally from Taiwan but grew up in Maryland. She has a BA in Psychology from UMCP and M.Ed. in School Counseling from Boston University and she works full-time as a bilingual counselor for MCPS. She grew up loving to draw, paint, and create, so she is eager to spread this interest to people of all ages. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and exploring other various arts and crafts.
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  • Elijah DeJesus

    Elijah was born in the Bronx New York but raised in Maryland. He attended the school of Art and Design at Montgomery College, then later transferred to Salisbury University where he studied Drawing and painting. He loves to run, watch movies and experiment with the idea of realism within his works of art. His fun and loving personality isn't something you can ignore, so be prepared to have a great time with this Muse employee!
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  • Joseph De Joya

    Joseph is a passionate artist who was born in the Philippines. His family moved to the suburbs of Maryland when he was seven in pursuit of a better future. Joseph's family nurtured his love for the arts at young age through frequent visits to art museums and galleries. He owes gratitude to his professors for helping him find his voice as an artist and developing his artistic abilities. Joseph received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in general fine arts with a concentration in painting. In 2014, Joseph had an opportunity to train and study painting and restoration techniques under Roberta Lapucci in Florence, Italy. He loves to share his knowledge of art with anyone who is willing to listen and hopes that others have a great time unleashing their creativity at Muse.
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  • Felicia Ralph

    Felicia is a self taught artist from Maryland. From a young age, she started pencil drawings and took inspiration from her father, who is a watercolor artist, to start painting. Her favorite medium is acrylic because it best suits her free and fluid style. When she isn't painting, she is a makeup artist and works on a different kind of canvas. Felicia hopes to bring out everyone's artistic side at Muse.
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  • Clare Bain

    Clare is a proud Terp, who graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, Honors College, with her BA in Studio Art. She also has a history in scenic art production after spending 5 years painting, sculpting, and texturing sets for dance and theater productions at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Her work is primarily focused on storytelling through portraits and figure drawing, but she is currently experimenting with various new mediums and subjects. Clare finds it most rewarding when she can help people discover their hidden artistic talents, and she hopes to pursue a career in art therapy.
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