Monday, Jan. 20 | 3:00-5:30 PM Mon, Jan. 20 | 3:00 PM
Kids Painting Class on 01/20 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

First Flake

($25) Family Day Kids/Family
Monday, Jan. 20 | 7:00-9:15 PM Mon, Jan. 20 | 7:00 PM
Special Paint & Sip Event on 01/20 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Look Up (MLK)

($35) Now $30! MLK BDAY Lumify ?
Tuesday, Jan. 21 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Jan. 21 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 01/21 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Dazzling Sky

($25) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Wednesday, Jan. 22 | 7:00-9:15 PM Wed, Jan. 22 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 01/22 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Snowy Lovebirds

($29) Now $25! Classic Canvas
Saturday, Jan. 25 | 3:45-6:00 PM Sat, Jan. 25 | 3:45 PM
Kids Painting Class on 01/25 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

No Drama Llama

($25) Kids / Lumify Kids/Family
Monday, Jan. 27 | 7:00-9:15 PM Mon, Jan. 27 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 01/27 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Light of the Moon

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Wednesday, Jan. 29 | 7:00-9:15 PM Wed, Jan. 29 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 01/29 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Purple Haze

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Friday, Jan. 31 | 7:30-10:00 PM Fri, Jan. 31 | 7:30 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 01/31 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Acadian Illumination

($39) Classic Canvas
Saturday, Feb. 1 | 3:45-6:00 PM Sat, Feb. 1 | 3:45 PM
Kids Painting Class on 02/01 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Ice Ice Baby

($25) Family Day Kids/Family
Sunday, Feb. 2 | 3:00-5:30 PM Sun, Feb. 2 | 3:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 02/02 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Full Moon

($35) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
Tuesday, Feb. 4 | 7:00-9:15 PM Tue, Feb. 4 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 02/04 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

Forest View

($29) Free Drink! Classic Canvas
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March Events

The full public calendar will go up around February 15th
  • Private


    12:00-2:15 PM#Retiredlife
  • Private

    Jason LaBarge Client Event

    7:00-9:30 PMJason LaBarge Client Event
  • PrivateLumifySpecial Paint & Sip Event on 03/28 at Muse Paintbar Annapolis

    Joyce’s 65th birthday

    3:45-6:00 PMJoyce’s 65th birthdayLumify

Parking & Directions

There is a FREE parking garage right behind the Annapolis studio in Annapolis Town center. There is also free street parking near the entrance of the studio as well. The entrance of the studio is facing the roundabout in the center of Annapolis Town center. It is also directly across from the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Co.

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Our Artists

  • Kayla Bennett - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Katie Atkinson - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Crystal Bell - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Becca Gappert - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Victoria Gottleib - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Lucas Nelson - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Jenee Harrison - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Emily Welsh - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Julie Christopher - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Annapolis
  • Kayla Bennett

    Kayla Bennett is a mixed media artist, educator and dog mom whose work has been exhibited nationally. She received a Masters of Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in sculpture in 2016. She is currently the Art Program Coordinator at the Armed Forces Retirement Home and an artist at Muse Paintbar. She enjoys creating ceramic sculptures, sewing and painting with bees wax. When she is not creating Kayla enjoys spending time with her little yorkie, dancing and watching Parks and Recreation.
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  • Katie Atkinson

    Katie Atkinson is an artist and teacher living in Annapolis, Maryland. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Art in Teaching from Maryland Institute College of Art. When not at Muse, Katie works as an elementary art teacher. She also enjoys spending time in the studio making her own artwork, hiking and spending time with friends and family.
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  • Crystal Bell

    Crystal has always been a creative person, be it classical two demensional forms through various obscure mediums. She has a design style all her own collaborating all her studies which spawn creations of imaginative design, most recently turned to the crafting of one of a kind jewelry. She is a proud Ravenclaw who boasts a fabulous library of fantasy novels, video games and art supplies she is never going to get through in her lifetime.
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  • Becca Gappert

    Becca has been drawing for as long as she can remember and it has always been a passion for her. She continued her passion throughout her college career where she got her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Towson University with a concentration in painting, drawing, and printmaking. She has been in several juried shows and won numerous accolades. Becca also enjoys reading, cuddling with cats, running, cooking, and any and all forms of animation. Do not be surprised if you catch her doodling in her sketchbook or jamming out to some Disney music!
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  • Victoria Gottleib

    Victoria Gottleib grew up with a passion for the arts, participating in art camps and classes from an early age. Her style has evolved from her early finger-painting works. In college, as an Art and Art History major at St. Mary's College of Maryland, she studied a variety of art forms including textiles, printmaking, and, her personal favorite, woodworking. Victoria works as a high school art educator in addition serving as part of the Muse team.
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  • Lucas Nelson

    Lucas is an artist born and raised in Annapolis, MD known by many for his social nature and sunny disposition. Lucas will be graduating in May of 2017 from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelors degree in General Fine Arts with an accompanying concentration / minor in Theatre. Lucas' personal art consists mainly of watercolor gouache paintings, his paintings subject matter is most frequently that of the piano, his second passion.
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  • Jenee Harrison

    Jenee Harrison is a freelance illustrator, live painter, and a full time Art + Design Student at Towson University. A well-seasoned military brat, she was born in Germany and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She has featured work in over 15 events along the east coast, including Artscape, Catharsis on the Mall in DC, PEX Summer Festival, and Werkout Music and Arts Festival. Although she works in multiple mediums, most of her work is digital or a combination of ink and watercolor. Jenee's body of work is defined by her sensual figures and emotional content.
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  • Emily Welsh

    Native Annapolitan born and raised, Emily boasts a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts and an Honorary Masters in Fictitious Language from Hogwarts School of Wizardry. For a number of years she was an intern and Artist in Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. She enjoys watercolor and experimenting with various mediums such as chalk pastels and crayola markers. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, tip toeing through the tulips, croquet, and illustrating her friends as woodland creatures. Some of her favorite artists are Hilary Knight, Jeff Koons, and Charline von Heyl.
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  • Julie Christopher

    Julie has been involved in the arts for as long as she can remember. She attended art camps as a child, took as many art classes as she could in school, and grew up to take independent study courses, and paint sets for her high school theatre department and childhood dance studio. Outside of Muse, Julie works full-time as a Hair Stylist/Color Specialist in Pasadena, MD. When she's not painting (canvases OR hair), Julie spends her time playing the piano, singing, snuggling her cats, and binge-watching horror movies.
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