Thursday, Jul. 9 | 7:00-9:00 PM Thu, Jul. 9 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 07/09 at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield

Cherry Blossom Grove

($35) Now $30! Classic Canvas
Friday, Jul. 24 | 6:30-9:30 PM Fri, Jul. 24 | 6:30 PM
Paint Your Pet on 07/24 at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield

Paint Your Pet

($50) Custom Art Paint Your Pet
Friday, Jul. 31 | 7:00-9:00 PM Fri, Jul. 31 | 7:00 PM
Canvas Painting Class on 07/31 at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield

Acadian Illumination

($39) Classic Canvas
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August Events

The full public calendar will go up around July 20th
  • Private

    Troop 67135's Paint Party

    12:00-2:15 PMTroop 67135's Paint Party

Parking & Directions

Take Exit 43 off I-95 for Walnut Street toward Saugus/Lynnfield. Muse Lynnfield is located in the northern section of the MarketStreet Center near Gaslight and across from Sweetgreen. There is free street parking in front of and behind Muse with a large additional lot just east of Muse (near Eddie Bauer).

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Our Artists

  • Bruce Lhuillier - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Jennifer Wackerle - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Aimee Casavant - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Rae Love - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Colleen Ellison - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Andrea DiFebbo - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Anthony Ragucci - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Rebecca Sopher - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Carolyn Alexis Hedley - Paint Night Instructor at Muse Paintbar Lynnfield
  • Bruce Lhuillier

    The Frenchman, Bruce has a degree in Art Education from the University of Amiens, in France. Since moving to the U.S. in 2014, he has spent a lot of his free time enjoying Art Museums around the U.S. and hiking in National Parks and New England woods. He enjoys various mediums such as Painting, Photography, Photoshop and Drawing. He fell in love many years ago with the American artists, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. While living in New England, Bruce seeks to share his passion and enthusiasm for art with the local community. If he is not in woods, cooking at home or at the studio, you might find him in the Archeological Mesopotamian department of the MFA.
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  • Jennifer Wackerle

    Jenn is a graduate of Boston University with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She feels that art is an amazing outlet for mental health and loves to share her love of and enthusiasm for creating with others. When she's not painting, she's often drawing, sculpting or crafting. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and reading anything she can get her hands on. If she's not doing that, it's very likely she's spending time with her husband, son, two cats and a cranky Russian tortoise named Turtleburger.
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  • Aimee Casavant

    Aimee recently graduated from Reading Memorial High School and has had a passion for art for the entirety of her life. She has won an extensive amount of National and State awards through the Scholastic Art Organization as well as awards granted from local colleges. She has studied a diverse course load through her school, as well as participating in classes at Rhode Island School of Design. She recently completed her AP art portfolio with the theme of "Interrupted Observation", studying the effects of shadow, water, and reflection and how they distort form. Aimee mainly expresses her art through the mediums of acrylic paint and colored pencils but has plenty of experience with other methods. She is very ambitious when it comes to creating very detailed and elaborate pieces that push her imagination to it's highest potential. Despite her intense devotion she has a lot of fun working with people and sharing ideas and conversation. Aimee explores her creative potential in art as well as music, and will be attending Berklee College of Music in September, majoring in Vocal performance and Songwriting
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  • Rae Love

    Rae moved to New England from Virginia to pursue her life long dream: working as an artist. Rae has an associates degree in graphic design. Her passion is illustration and web design. With a degree in design, she has worked on Mobile apps, children's books, and now loves teaching at Muse.
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  • Colleen Ellison

    Colleen grew up right here in Lynnfield and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2017 with a BFA in Fashion Design. Colleen has been involved in both the visual and performing arts for as long as she can remember. She now runs her own fashion brand which she sells at her own popup shop in Boston. Some of her biggest artistic inspirations are Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert, Jen Stark, Jeremey Scott, and Marina Fini. Colleen is also a dedicated member of the Boston Bassed Flow Collective and spends much of her free time performing various circus/flow arts and attending music festivals.
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  • Andrea DiFebbo

    Despite being raised in New York, Andrea fell in love with Boston and the Red Sox the first time she visited. She received her bachelor's of fine arts and master's of art education from Tufts University. Currently, Andrea teaches art for elementary school nearby in Lynn. Outside of school, Andrea spends most of her time at the beach, cooking with friends, and being a cat mom to her mischievous cat Japper, who often interrupts her while she paints. Her personal work is abstract and deeply inspired by the connection between nature and humans. Her goal is to travel to all seven continents. So far she has been to three, North America, Europe, and Africa.
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  • Anthony Ragucci

    Anthony Ragucci has been painting for over 20 years. He primarily works in acrylic and watercolor but has worked in a variety of materials over the years. He received his bachelors in painting from Umass Dartmouth in 2004, and his MFA in Painting from Indiana University Bloomington in 2006. From 2007 to 2019 Anthony lived and worked in Asia, for 6 years in Seoul South Korea, followed by another 6 in Beijing China. Anthony has a passion for art, enjoys traveling, horror movies, wine and any combination of the above.
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  • Rebecca Sopher

    Beckee is a ceramics artist born and raised in Columbus, OH. She studied illustration at Columbus College of Art in Design before moving to Beverly, MA to attend Endicott College and completing her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramic sculpture. As a lover of fantasy and surrealism, Beckee began to create creature like sculptures as a representation of her reality. She has received two silver keys and was displayed a show at the 2014 Scholastic Awards at Columbus College of Art and Design, an award from the 2014 Ohio Governors show, and and was featured the 2018 Student Invitational show at Endicott College. While attending Endicott College, Beckee has donated many handmade bowls and helped run the Art Club of Endicott's Empty Bowl charity events.
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  • Carolyn Alexis Hedley

    Carolyn fell in love with painting when she was about 6 years old. Her grandmother would watch Bob Ross and paint along with her making happy trees. They would do lots of crafts together as a child when she babysat. When she was in high school she fell in love with photography. She loves to take pictures of where she has been and use as references to paint. Carolyn currently has 6 bearded dragons, a cat, a dog and long 8 year relationship with Derek. She has a big love for all animals and loves to teach kids. She has little cousins who she loves to play with and enjoy. She's very young at heart and still loves Disney. Her specialty is glass blocks, sneakers and cartoons.
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